Kim Shoop, Joe O’Gorman, Bob Reinhold and Lisa Sechrest-Ehrhardt

Lisa Sechrest-Ehrhardt and Joe O’Gorman

Client Results

The best reason to work with me as your triathlon coach? I’ll let my clients put it in their own words:

“After competing in triathlons for five years, I wanted to make a significant improvement. Biking with Joe, I learned to use my gears more effectively, smooth out my pedal stroke and have an actual strategy. I increased my average bike speed and felt less tired – leaving more energy for the run. Joe helped me get results.”

— Kim Shoop

“Joe is a fantastic coach! He is extremely knowledgeable about training that is specially geared towards triathlons, and does an excellent job of explaining techniques to help one reach personal goals. His invaluable support regarding cycling technique helps me achieve personal records.”

— Lisa Sechrest-Ehrhardt

“I was new to cycling, and Joe taught me from the ground up – from clipping into and out of the pedals, to shifting, to utilizing a full pedal stroke. Within the first few months of working with him, I was receiving compliments on my skills and speed. In fact, I recently completed my first Reston Sprint Triathlon. Joe’s a great coach!”

— Brian Hochstrasser