Completing swim to bike transition

Open water swimming

One-on-One Triathlon Coaching

I’ll personally help you reach your goals – one step, stroke or pedal revolution at a time.

Based on almost three decades as a triathlete, I’ll work with you personally to help you reach your goals.

  • We start with a free consultation and assessment, preferably 8 to 12 weeks before the event, to discuss your goals and my coaching approach.
  • If we decide to move forward, I’ll develop a customized, realistic workout plan for you.
  • We’ll meet periodically — by phone, in person or even side-by-side as you train, to monitor progress.
  • If unexpected situations interfere with your workout plan, we’ll adjust it and discuss options.
  • I’ll help you plan the details — from your training schedule and gear to your strategy at each phase of the race.
  • As an option, I can do video analyses of your swimming, biking and/or running form to help you get better results.

Take a look at my training tips. To set up a consultation or meet me at an upcoming event, please contact me.