Training Tips

In every race, you learn something. Here are some tips I’ve picked up over the years.

Contrary to popular belief, the triathlon puts less wear and tear on the body than a marathon footrace, since its impact is spread across more parts of the body.


A typical athlete preparing for a triathlon event 8-12 weeks away should plan on training a minimum of 6 hours a week.


Many triathletes think if they’re not pedaling hard, they can’t be going fast enough. But by not overdoing it on the biking phase, you can remain fresh enough that you’ll more than make up the time in the running phase.


Details matter. Something as small as the placement of a safety pin can slow down your critical time in the transition area — an unforced error that could come to haunt you.


You can spend thousands of dollars on a bike. But if you don’t have the right engine on it, you’re wasting your money.